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Personal Coaching, Corporate Coaching, Career Coaching

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A recent transplant from DC and International Coaching Federation Certified Professional Coach, my expertise lies in guiding people in personal or professional to deeper self-awareness, helping them build emotional intelligence and adopt positive psychology approaches in order to reclaim their strengths and purpose.

Feeling triggered more, and joyful and purpose-driven less?   Is there a transition – career or life – that has you feeling misaligned, adrift, rudderless? Is there an area in your life where you seek clarity, direction, and purposeful action. Schedule a complimentary 50 minute coaching session and get a sense of how coaching can support you. 

Together, we’ll flesh out your desires, hone in on your heart’s calling and co-create a plan to realize this purpose. We’ll meet virtually or in person for 50 minute sessions ideally on a weekly basis over a three month commitment to make traction on realizing your goals.

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